About us

If you are here to find out more about Champion deck, this is the right place to do it! Here you will find information about what we believe in, why we are doing things we do, and how we became a successful affiliate site. But in any case you find this information too short you will find our trusting and always willing to hear contact information down below.

Believe in

The values we believe in and follow are the influence of the things we do. Starting from our long-term goals who we sat together with each one of the titles you can find on this website, and all the way down to the little things we do everyday putting small pieces together to build truly the best in our opinion. The way how to achieve our aims are based on many steps, but we have crystallized few most important of them and they are libertyfocusing on quality and good communication with everyone who is a small part of what you are building.


We believe our suggestions need to be independent without influence from the “main leading” affiliate sites, to help our visitors finding them the best match for online casino, cause how we all know its not an easy task nowadays when the online gambling industry has grown this big. The independence we take putting together best online casinos in our opinion is more valid and helpful for our visitors. However, we are also an independent team of 10 members putting together their best judgement, analytical skills and knowledge so you can take our suggestions as your best decision.

Focus on quality

Everybody loves using high quality products and services. And as we know that so good we are determined to create something that our visitors will love using too. And for this reason we keep our self on the road of learning cause we are on movement where little things changes every day. So we keep our self focused to not stick with one truth, but to be flexible to see things from many angles. We want to become an eventual source of information about online gambling so we could provide our readers with all needed and wanted information in this field. And it’s not that easy as it sounds, but we keep our dreams big to not lose our focus on quality.


We are the team who loves to spread our knowledge as strong as we love to get one. For that reason the most important part is to keep communication with every piece who creates everything you see here. We keep close communication with our partners, with online casinos, with visitors and many, many more people, cause each opinion helps us grow better. We believe that actual way how to truly help somebody is to being honest with them. For that reason we don’t hide any rocks, but show us as white paper. So if you have any questions or you just want to share your opinion with us  we will be always great full to receive letter from our visitors in following email address- info@championdeck.com